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We are accepted by the top financial institutions and insurance companies, governmental agencies, and private businesses throughout the country.


In our country the real estate market has ups and downs in terms of the values ​​that fluctuate on a regular basis.

In AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S.A., we advise our clients when making this determining decision, considering the needs of the client and the interest possessed to acquire a property at an specific point in the country, which leads us to conduct a thorough analysis and market study of the different options the future offers the prospective buyer, or advice on what may be required regarding other options that are within what the client’s future acquisitions.

We believe that it is in a person’s best interest to have the accurate knowledge in order to make a sound decision on the property to be purchased, ensuring that the client will have an excellent return on the investment in the future.

An extensible detailed report is presented to the client, including favorable aspects, advantages and disadvantages of the different properties that the prospective buyer has decided to obtain or options of related interest, giving therefore, a real value according to a study of the current market, as well as queries on our extensive database, which allows us to give a more accurate report to the prospective buyer.

Our experience throughout the years, has allowed us to advise our clients in the best way available, ensuring their complete satisfaction with our services, obtaining the best guarantee on the purchase of any property.


New residences, offices, shopping malls, industries and hotels.

AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S.A., knowing how important it is for an investor or project developer to know, whether it comes to buying or selling, that the right decision has been made.  It is concerned with studying and analyzing the current market, on behalf of the client, giving the property a real value.

We have a team of qualified professionals, which are located throughout the country, obtaining and processing large amounts of information, that enable us to give a more concrete and forthright opinion when assigning a value.

In our country, there are many construction projects and changes that are currently taking place in different parts of the Republic, due to population growth.  Among these changes mentioned are: New roads, shopping centers accessible to communities, hospitals, schools, and various retail and non-retail businesses, indicating that the market is changing. In addition, our staff at the Central Office in the city of Panama, travels from time to time to the other provinces to meet with the team of qualified professionals available to us in each region to conduct market research in each area, since we know that many of said areas have been evolving over the years and that for us, as an Appraisal Company, it is an important factor to take into account when changes take place in certain sectors or communities in each province.

Our experience, knowledge, and the information that has been gathered in our database from the various regions of our country, allows us to deliver our work with comprehensive and sufficiently elaborate content, so that our clients feel satisfied with the excellent service that has been provided.