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We are accepted by the top financial institutions and insurance companies, governmental agencies, and private businesses throughout the country.

AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S. A., has a team comprised of trained and qualified professionals in the field of architecture and engineering, with a vast experience of more than forty (40) years in the real estate and real estate appraisals markets, as well as a very elaborated data base, which allows us not only to create real estate appraisals of all types, such as for residential homes, commercial and office spaces, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial warehouses, vacant lots, farms, etc., located within the country, but we can also provide services for remodeling, design, minor construction, feasibility studies, legal surveys, and all other services related to real estate properties.

As of now, our professional services have been provided in the Republic of Panama, in a competent and efficient manner, specifically based on the execution of appraisals and property inspections (residences, lots, apartments, retail spaces, industrial spaces, etc.), as well as for individuals, private business, local banks, governmental agencies, court houses, and ANATI Y CATASTRO.

AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S. A., has been characterized by its commitment to its clients, keeping them satisfied by offering an excellent and personalized service, with specific goals and innovations in this field, for they expect a direct dialogue, real and trustworthy information, being this what denotes us as a highly serviceable company.