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We are accepted by the top financial institutions and insurance companies, governmental agencies, and private businesses throughout the country.

We specialize in mass appraisals for mortgage portfolios and cadastral updates.

  • Real Estate Consulting: We advise our customers in the best way possible by providing them with a broad perspective of the real estate market and the best tools to decide on a solid investment.

  • Appraisals of Farms, Lots, and Islands: Fruit-tree and forest-tree farms. Vacant Lots.

  • Residential Appraisals (Residences and Apartment Buildings): Houses, Apartments, Multi-family Buildings, recreational residences, among others.

  • Commercial Appraisals: Commercial and industrial spaces, workshops, warehouses and storages.

  • Property Inspection Delivery: Check finishes and distribution of the house, apartment or business office to receive the keys for the owner.

  • Construction Progress Inspections (construction bonds and interim financing): Progress of projects under construction, reviewing the logistics of the construction and the actual progress of the project, with thorough verification of permits, work-schedule tables, construction contracts, budgets, etc.

  • Auto and Heavy Equipment Appraisals: Appraisals of all types of vehicles or equipment, from automobiles to heavy rolling equipment.

  • Others: Remodeling projects, general designs, project analysis, taxable transactions, notary services, real estate management.

Real Estate Legal Transactions:

  • General transactions for Purchase/Sale of Real Estate property.
  • Update of assessed value of real estate property.
  • Demolition declaration of improvements on real estate property.
  • Declaration of improvements on real estate and condominium constitution..
  • Incorporation of Farms.
  • Segregation of Farms.
  • Legal Reviews of real estate property for warrantee deeds.
  • Donation of real estate properties.
  • Procedures for exemption from property tax.
  • Freezing of property taxes.
  • Management of Records and others.