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Who we are


We are accepted by the top financial institutions and insurance companies, governmental agencies, and private businesses throughout the country.


AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S. A., a Panamanian company, founded in the year 2010, began operations under the direction and administration of Arch. Jamie Marie Tovío Jiménez, President of the aforementioned company, a professional graduated from the Santa Maria La Antigua University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Architecture, and a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Administration and Business Management, as well as a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution and Managerial Consulting from the Latina University of Foreign Commerce (ULACEX), and a Certification in Real Estate Appraisals from the Santa Maria La Antigua University.

Our company’s President, Arch. Jamie Marie Tovío Jiménez, who is also currently the General Secretary in the Directive Board of the Panamanian Appraisals and Survey Institute (IVAPPAN); for the period of 2014-2015, was part of a work team in one of the companies with the longest trajectory in the Real Estate Appraisals market, for banking as well as governmental entities. Tovío was also subcontracted as a freelance agent by appraisal companies authorized for the organization, coordination, and implementation of Massive Cadastral Appraisals of the National Government, for the updated cadastral values of Panama City, in the areas of Paitilla, Punta Pacifica, Costa del Este, Marbella, and the Beaches in Coronado.

AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S. A., has had as its main objective to be able to provide both locals and foreigners alike, all the services provided in a personalized way that is also well-documented and applying criteria based on updated and concise values with the practical realities of the real estate market in mind, having the vision of a large company, with a secured presence in the market, while being solid and prestigious with renowned professionalism both nationally and internationally.

AREA, Avalúos e Inversiones, S. A., has been accepted nationally by the major Banking, financial, and governmental Institutions, In which we are currently conducting appraisals for the mortgage portfolio of the local banking institutions, both individual and massive.

MISSION: Being daily updated on the value market for appraisals and real estate construction, in order to provide personalized and efficient service that will enable us to advise our clients, under the most suitable conditions in which to conduct their transactions, providing them with quality result.

VISION: We excel as a company dedicated to superior care and professionalism that meet the needs of our customers in the real estate and property appraisals as well as renovations industry, allowing us to participate in the national and international markets.


  • TRUST: We strive on delivering personal attention and guarding the confidentiality our clients’ data, cultivating mutual trust by working ethically.

  • DILIGENCE: We perform our daily tasks with enthusiasm, dynamism, and teamwork, thus achieving objectives and attaining goals.

  • HONESTY: We are renowned for maintaining integrity in our labor standards, providing our clients with stability and confidence when requesting our services.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: We interact closely with our customers, and we feel committed to carry out and deliver our work in the shortest time possible. Our personnel have the responsibilities of our institution foremost in mind, regardless whether in or outside our premises, which has allowed us to depend on qualified professionals to undertake any task assigned.